Johan Tappert

Born in Stockholm, Johan is the father of two kids. He is a former DJ and theatre director. He just bought a Citroen Berlingo together with his wife. She is an interior designer. Johan likes long Friday lunches and playing soccer late nights with his friends. He tries to run a marathon every second year but usually fails. He thinks that Off the Wall is Michael Jacksons best album. Johan founded Folke film in 2008 together with his fishing buddies Tobias Bergman and Filip Nilsson. From 2018 Johan is a freelance film director and photographer.


  • 1 Cannes Lion Bronze
  • 2 Epica Gold
  • 1 Epica Bronze
  • 1 New York Festival Bronze
  • 1 Cresta Award
  • 1 Festivale Télévison de Monte-Carlo
  • 2 Promax World Award
  • 2 Promax North America Award