Jakob Ström


”They might not remember exactly what we said, but they will always remember how we made them feel” is the motto of Jakob Ström and like any great storyteller, it is the emotional connection, or nerve of a story that Jakob seeks in every job.

Starting out as an art director, Jakob soon realised that he was sitting in the wrong chair and that the chair he should be sitting in was the one with the word “Director” on the back.

True to this feeling, Jakob went on to be Director’s assistant to Fredrik Bond and then on to write, direct, shoot, edit and produce his first on commercial and this this landed him firmly in the director’s chair.

However, Jakob does not like to be seated. He has a real passion for the ocean and spends all his free time surfing. He also kite surf, as he would say; to get more time on the water, a sport in which you are attached to a big kite that floats in the air above the ocean. We think it sounds terrifying, but Jakob says it’s a thrilling feeling a weightlessness.

Seeking this sensation in life as well as in his work Jakob’s emotional masterpiece “Dear Daddy” won awards across the world.


  • Gold and Silver Lion in Cannes
  • Grand Prix Award and Gold in New York Festival
  • White Pencil in D&AD
  • Silver in CLIO
  • Two Grand Prix Awards - one gold in CRESTA
  • Two Gold - one Silver London International Awards)
  • Gold and one Silver in Eurobest