Daniel Eskils

Daniel grew up in a suburb to Stockholm with a mother committed to sharing the wonderful world of cinema with him. A world with both action-filled Bond films (although he was still a minor at the time) as well as the classics from Antonioni, Fellini and Jacques Tati. At age 12, inspiration took over and Daniel took control over the Hi8 camera in the house. Today, somewhere in the attic, there are tapes stuffed away with remakes starring the neighbor’s son as an assassin, Daniel himself as a struggling skateboard pro and his friend Samantha as the wife of a mafia boss living under witness protection.

Later Daniel studied journalism and graphic design which brought him to careers in New York and Rio de Janeiro (yes, he can samba). When returning home to Stockholm and with the rhythm still in his head he began directing music videos. Together with his lifelong friend Björn, they created the now cult puppet tv-show Kjell.

To Daniel, experimenting with ideas and getting quickly from desktop to actually shooting has always been important and he is still very driven by the curious. He is a passionate and enthusiastic craftsman. His films are best described as being graphically driven, visually witty and above all, as having ‘heart’.


  • 2 Guldägget: Silver Award
  • 1 Guldägget: Best New Talent
  • 1 ADC Young Gund International Award
  • 1 Antville Music Video Award