Daniel Debes Bruun

Daniel Debes is a Copenhagen-based director. His directorial style is infused with youthful energy yet is very cinematic.

Daniel started his career in Vancouver, Canada, and worked his way up through production before transitioning to the creative side at a Copenhagen agency. This shift ultimately propelled him into the director’s chair, allowing him to craft films with a clear creative direction in both narrative and visual experience.

His work is characterized by abstract and highly visual storytelling that adds an additional layer to the narrative. Starting with his personal perception of the world around him, he manages to craft films that feel real and authentic, always striving to create a captivating narrative that resonates with the targeted audience.

His previous work has spanned documentary, lifestyle, and comedy genres.

CLIENTS: Jägermeister, LEGO, Netflix, PlayStation, Pfizer, Tuborg, Nestlé, KFC, BioInnovation Institute, Ørsted, Expekt, The State of Denmark