In fact, one could call BODE a tripartite fissure. A man of three hearts – all of them knowing one another. The first one is beating for shapes! For years Bode worked as Art Director for the largest Kindergarten in the world… namely MTV.

The second heart beats for music and the largest audiovisual gift in the world; music videos! Music such as A-HA, Bloc Party, Young Fathers, Deichkind and many others have already traveled with him.

The third heart is the one in between. The one in the center, which makes sure that there is no messing around. It is developing splendidly and has applied itself to both advertising and fiction films.

His movies are dark… and his commercials are sometimes different. But in the end, it all has to do with circles, triangles, and squares. If he doesn’t spin… he’s looking for something to spin – including soccer balls and bottles.