Peter Harton
Peter Harton
Peter Harton

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Bronze – Best Film Social “Don’t Label” – Epica 2016

Born in Bronxville, New York, Dec. 31. 1974.

Peter started out making coffee and sandwiches on a Danish talk-show. Short after he began working in the camera department, first as clapper/loader, then as assistant cameraman on numerous commercials, music videos and feature films.

After a brief moment as photographer on documentaries and short films, he switched to the director’s department assisting some of Denmark’s most successful directors.

In 2004 Peter made his debut as a commercial director. In 2010 he took a break from commercials to focus on directing a series for Danish TV called Rytteriet (The Cavalry). The TV-Series became the most watched comedy series on Danish TV that year and won the prestigious TV Festival Award for best comedy series in 2011, an award they won again with the second series in 2014.