The Argies

The Argies consists of the duo Ari Evasio & Francisco Mazziotti. They are called ‘The Argies’ because of the sound… and well because they are Argentinians too. They have been shooting together for more than 10 years together, but only just recently made it official and launch themselves as a Directors Duo.

Their first and largest desire has always been Directing. They take great pride in putting their style and passion for raw and powerful filmmaking into every commercial work they make. Over the years they have been acknowledged by and shooting with some of the best well-known Agencies such as Droga 5, BBH, Saatchi & Saatchi, BBDO, Grey, Ponce, creating ads for brands like Axe, Coca Cola, VW, Schneider, KFC, Rexona and many, many more.

Their work has also been greatly recognized over the years at prestigious festivals like Cannes, Ojo de Ibero-America, Ciclope Festival & Lapiz de Oro. They like to push themselves and are always up for a new challenge.