Martin Garde Abildgaard

Martin Garde Abildgaard is a former Creative Director, now working as Director and Writer, creating films in different lengths and genres.

His work has resulted in numerous awards and nominations at Los Angeles Film Festival, Aesthetica, Hollywood Verge, Cannes Lion YDA, Berlin Music Video Awards, Ciclope Festival and Open World Toronto Film Festival to name a few.

Within commercials, Martin has collaborated with Sony, BMW, Koenigsegg, Vans, Rapha, Adidas, and others. Many of his projects have been highlighted in i-D Magazine, Dazed & Confused, Hypebeast, Vice, The Fader, VOTD, Nowness, David Reviews, 1.4 and SHOTS.

Martin is currently in postproduction with his debut feature film Let’s Get Killed.


  • 1 Cannes Lions YDA
  • 1 True Award Finalist
  • 1 Aesthetica Short Film Festival Official Selection
  • 1 Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Winner
  • 1 Hollywood Verge Winner
  • 1 Ciclope Festival Finalist
  • 1 Open World Toronto Film Festival Winner
  • 1 Open World Toronto Film Festival Finalist
  • 1 Berlin Music Video Award Finalist
  • 1 2015 Winner
  • 2 VOTD Winner