Tobias Kampmann
Tobias Kampmann
Tobias Kampmann

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3 Bronze – Eurobest
1 Gold – Epica
1 Silver – Epica
2 Gold – The True Award
1 Gold – Creative Circle Award
1 Silver – New York Film Festival
1 Audience Award – Close Up 2000
2 Shortlist – Cannes Lions
1 Official Selection – New York Short Film Festival
1 Shortlist – Eurobest

Tobias skills as a writer often grant him access at the early stage of a process, where he makes an essential contribution to the development of ideas. He’s an actor’s director with a strong sense of true-to-life storytelling and his visual narrative eye for characters and human emotions, often combined with a subtle sense of humour, makes him a high valued director.

He’s shot commercials for brands like Kia Motors, Doritos, Spotify, Maersk and Danske Bank. His latest achievement brought him a shortlist at the 2016 Eurobest Festival for Bosch, where he’s credited as both copywriter and director.

Tobias resides in Denmark with his wife and two children.

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