Sune Sørensen
Sune Sørensen
Sune Sørensen

AgentZoo represents Sune Sorensen:

Eurobest, 2016 – Script. Nominated. Don’t Label
Epica, 2016. Best Film, Social. Bronche. Don’t Label
Creative Circle 2016. Script. Silver. Don’t Label
DIA, 2016. Storytelling. Nominated. Don’t Label
True Award 2016. Best Film, TV and Cinema. Nominated. Don’t Label
True Award 2016. Best Film, TV and Cinema. Nominated. Wallmans
True Award 2016. Production Design. Nominated. Wallmans
True Award 2016. Original Music. Nominated. Don’t Label
True Award 2016. Cinematography. Nominated. Wallmans
True Award 2016. Cinematography. Nominated. X-Men
True Award 2016. Sound Design. Nominated. Wallmans
True Award 2016. Audience Award. Nominated. Don’t Label
Rambuk, Innovation Award. Don’t Label
Rambuk, Social Media Award. Nominated. Maria Casino
Euronews Act Responsible Award. Don’t Label
True Award 2014, Best Film, TV and Cinema, Nominated. Komplett
True Award 2014, Best Film, Interactive. Nominated. Yellowstone Diet
Global Award 2014, Best Film. Lundbeck

You might call Sune’s background versatile. And you would be right to. He has worked cross platform, cross markets, cross countries, and even cross media. His stories talk tales of a long and ambitious life, yet he is still in his thirties. He has owned several companies, including his film production company Shoot Happens, although highly educated. His titles have been many; from CEO to CMO and Editor-in-chief to Ass. Professor (yes, that’s what is says), but he decided one day to focus all his energy on what he loved: Directing. Since then, and in a very short time, he has directed a great and extremely promising body of work, which shows only fragments of a huge potential.

From the academics of reception aesthetics to the solid labour of film making, from the development of ideas to the execution that turns them into stories – at the heart of everything Sune does, lies a devotion to genuine and clever storytelling. Stories we believe in, engulf ourselves in, and respond to. He is quite eclectic, perhaps because he has watched (and reviewed) almost every film ever made, from Sci Fi to comedy, over drama to horror. He can write, produce, edit, and of course direct almost any type of genre but will always consider what is at the heart of an idea first and foremost.

Moreover, Sune is great to work with. He is welcoming, open-minded, and extremely professional – he expects honesty from everyone around him, because he always aspires to direct the best possible film and understands that this comes from great collaboration. With first-hand experiences within all aspects of film making he knows both the limitations and possibilities of any given project. This makes film making with him much smoother and very inspired.

He has lived in Italy and Spain, but now resides in Copenhagen with his wife and children, although traveling frequently to most parts of the world. He speaks fluent Spanish and English (and understands most Italian and German), other than of course the Nordic languages. Sune may have experienced a lot for a man in his thirties, but according to himself he has barely begun.